Catherine Ling

Hello! I am Catherine,
an art psychotherapist

An embarkment on a self-exploration journey through different creative modalities led to a spark within which became a calling to embark on this people-helping profession. My own personal experience with artmaking leads me to the passionate belief that expressions, rather than suppression, is the key to achieving a state of physical, mental and emotional homeostasis.

With a unintrusive and a non-judgmental attitude, I approach my clients’ artmaking process and artworks with openness and curiosity. I am fully intentional in providing a safe space to allow clients to express themselves freely and creatively. By providing art interventions individually tailored to specific concerns and challenges, I strive to enhance my clients’ mental and emotional wellbeing.

After my various work in a hospital and in school settings, I have found that my true passion is working with younger children and with the older adult population. I have experience with children with ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences), social-emotional, anger management, motivational and trust/relational challenges. My experiences with the elderly include clients in various stages of dementia, physical illnesses like stroke or arthritis as well as those in the palliative care.

My educational background includes a Master in Art Therapy from the LASALLE College of the Arts with accreditation with Australian, New Zealand and Asian Creative Arts Therapies Association (ANZACATA) and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the National University of Singapore. I have been trained in Expressive Arts therapy from SUSS which includes Narrative therapy, Play Therapy, Bodyworks and Movement and have a Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology. I possess effective bilingualism and fluency in both English and Mandarin, enabling me to communicate proficiently in either language or both during therapy sessions.

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