Art Therapy

Art therapy is a hybrid discipline of creative arts + psychotherapy. It synthesizes the benefits of artmaking, the creative process, and an understanding of human development to improve an individual’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being to enable healing, growth, and change in a safe and supported environment with a qualified therapist.

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Initial Consultation

A free no-obligatory call to share about your needs and concerns, learn about our services and to answer any questions you may have.

First Session

The focus is on engagement to build therapeutic rapport and connection. As with any form of therapy, the first session will consist of communicating to the therapist about your concerns and some goal setting.

Working Phase

The number of sessions may vary from as little as 2 and up to 12 depending on your goals and motivations. These planned art therapy sessions will center around using appropriate interventions best suited for your needs.

Please feel free to connect with us! We understand anxiety and trepidation. If you feel tentative about making contact via phonecalls, please email or WhatsApp text at 9760 5599 if that is your preferred form of communication.

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